Tuesday, 28 July 2015

IKOI Japanese Restaurant Review, Miramar Hotel [FOOD TALK]

Hello Everyone !!!!

We celebrated our recent monthsary at IKOI Japanese Restaurant, at Miramar Hotel !

It was our first time trying out this place as we checked that the price was pretty affordable for a Japanese Ala Carte Buffet ! And we were very lucky to get seats.. maybe because we went on a weekday but it was still full ! Haha..

Dinner for adult was S$38++ each ! [Which includes free flow sashimi... hurhur]

Let's get started ~

Once we entered Miramar Hotel, the restaurant entrance is right beside the lift lobby ! Impossible to miss it :)

Took a picture of the menu ! It is quite extensive .. Order the items and they will come to you ! But would recommend you to order "more" first.. as the food is prepared after order so it may be quite slow at times ! I guess we quite lucky to arrive before the large crowds of people so our food came quite fast LOL...

The buffet price also come with Appetizer , Seafood soup and a Salmon hotpot which is not included in the menu !

Appetizer is served :D


Seafood Soup is served ! It is served one pot for 2 persons.. quite yummy !

We began to order a lot of food from the menu .. as all the food takes time to prepare !

Having all the grilled food first

Our sashimi boat ! Just tell the staff to prepare sashimi boat for 2 pax ... and tell them what you don't want .. we don't eat tako (octopus) .. so we didn't order that..


Mini tempura soba ! The tempura was crispy and good.. especially the vegetables ..


Ordered some sushi too .. hehe.. although rice is so filling

Our salmon miso hotpot for 2.. sharing portion, its quite big !

We couldn't finish some of the sashimi so we just put into the hotpot to cook it in the soup.. Haha..


 Some interior pictures and sashimi foodporn pics :D



Gotta say that for this price the buffet is very worthwhile ! The sashimi is of very good quality similar to what we would get at Sakuraya Fish Market, which is one of our favourite haunts too..

The sashimi is fresh and it's served chilled :) which I like .. and this sashimi platter itself would easily cost us more than 25 bucks at any other restaurant ! Some more it is free flow .... Haha

Rated 4.5/5 for buffet .. the 0.5 is because the seats are too close to each other when we sat at the counter seats, because no tables left.. haha... Cheers !