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Taiwan Blog 2013 : Day 6 in Taichung - ( Lavender Cottage, Mushroom House, Xinshe Summit Resort, Xinshe Annual Flowers Exhibition and Carton King Taichung )

This is my itinerary for the day !

新驛旅店出發>>薰衣草森林>>新社莊園>> 箱王創>>埔里元首館>>紙教堂>>夜宿日月潭大飯店       一日遊9-10小時費用NT$5500元。                                                                                                                                                                                                         
              CityInn Plus Taichung Station Branch >> Lavendar Cottage >> Summit Resort >> Carton King >> King Garden >> Paper Dome >> Sun Moon Lake Hotel             

Set off very early in the morning for our long journey to Lavender Cottage, which is located deep within the valleys

It was about 1.5 to 2 hours drive (if I remember correctly)

It was so cold and misty ! Taichung is way misty compared to Taipei.

At last ! After kilometres of winding mountain roads (up down up down) , we finally reached the Famous Lavendar Cottage !!! Heard from the driver that this garden was start up by 2 sisters who gave up their finance day jobs and retreated to planting lavenders in the remote places of Taichung. People thought that they were crazy and this place would never be famous BUT in the end they made it ! Its really famous and its a tourist attraction for locals and overseas vistors alike ! ^^ believe in your dreams !

Greeted by lovely flowers on the roads !

This is their main house at the entrance and it is a shop full of lavender scent . lovely !!
This is probably the most beautiful place in our visit, the misty air makes it even more surreal, and the cool weather just complements everything :D

This bathtub is actually inside their toilet ! 

Like a painting , so pretty ~~


We continued our uphill walk to the lavender fields above , passing by a defunct carousel on the way .

Reached the top of the hill and there is a wishing tree ^^

Lavender cottage was so pretty and perfect for shoots ~~ We bought lots of lavender and flowery flavoured products from the store, must buy is the lavender balm , instantly reduces headaches and instant relaxation !

Our driver then took us to nearby for lunch before our next destination :) Mushrooms !
apparently this part of taiwan, they grow lots of mushrooms here ! its like a mushroom village 

Lu Rou Fan (Braised minced pork meat with mushroom) rice , local delicacy !

And also various mushroom soups hee hee , im a mushroom lover !

We went to the back of the mushroom restaurant and visited where they grow their shrooms ! Sooo cute ! You could really pluck them for a fee by weightage !

So after lunch our driver took us to Summit Resort, where its really a beautiful garden , owned by a rich individual . Very pretty for photos ! Many couples were seen taking wedding photoshoots here too ! 

All the locations are within 30mins of each other ! Except the Lavender Cottage was 1.5 to 2 hrs from Taichung . From Lavender Cottage to surroundings is about 30mins !

Photographs taken by my brother !! Not bad hehee

OMG and we were so lucky to be in time to visit the Annual Xinshe Hua Hai (Sea of Flowers) flowers exhibition ! 

Heard this event only runs for a week or two and just nice it was the peak of bloom :D so blessed ! Recommended by our driver ! 

So beside the flowers exhibition there is a huge "pasar malam" which has lots of food and games !

FLOWERPOT ICE CREAM - must try !!!! So yummy :D 
the soil part is crushed oreos, basically its cookies and cream icecream . So many people was wondering why I'm eating out of a flowerpot hehehehe

another must buy - FRESH STRAWBERRIES
so sweet and juicy !!! and its not expensive at all......

This was all outside of the exhibition !!! 

Entrance to the exhibition :D

So pretty !!!!!!! I still have tons of photos but the post would be way too long haha ....

The sky turned dark very quickly ! It was about evening time and then we headed to our last destination which was Taichung CARTON KING Main Shop for dinner and visit !

The garden structures are made entirely out of cardboard. PRETTY AMAZING !

The shop has lots of things to purchase and one thing I would recommend is to buy Birthday / Greeting cards !!! Those greeting cards are soooo cheap and beautiful (about SGD 2-4) when they normally costs like 10 bucks here........ WOW

Another thing to buy is the musical box made entirely out of wood! So precious ! The music is crisp and clear .... very nice 

We had our dinner at the Carton King Restaurant , it was a tad expensive for Taiwan standards but the food was good and its all serves in paper plates, cups, bowls etc... very interesting 

we insisted our hotpot to be the metal bowl ! 

After dinner, the driver took us to our hotel for the night ! Sun Moon Lake Hotel :D 
Its about 30mins drive from the Carton King ...

This is the night view from our balcony and the room is really very luxurious ~~~ 

Follow my trip ! 

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