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Taiwan Blog 2013 : - Day 9 in Miaoli County - Flying Cow Ranch - Strawberry Farm in Miaoli and Schokolake Chocolates Factory !

Day 9: Flying Cow Ranch, Strawberry Farm, Schokolake  ( Miaoli )

My driver planned itinerary for the day :

Set off from Puli Hotel > Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli > Hakka Garden > Flowerhomes > Chateau in the Sky > Dahu Wineland Resort > Schololakes Chocolates > King's Resort & Spa in Miaoli                                        
*we didnt manage to go to Flowerhomes and Chateau in the Sky because dont want too rushed.

So we are headed to Miaoli County for the Day . Setting off from our previous night at Puli township, the driver took the highway and we were on about 1.5 hour journey from Puli to Miaoli !

First stop would be the famous Flying Cow Ranch ! Its rather chilly and the farm was huge, larger than expected ! 

This was taken inside their shop! its a cafe, with souvenirs shop beside it . 

Started our free and easy farm walking ~~

Cows !!!!

A tiny pony !!!!

Lambs !!!

Little ducklings !!!

Went into the rabbit house !!!

the animals are so cute !!! and not smelly at all , i think because the weather cold. hehe...

Went back to the cafe and shop !

This is their restaurant !

After our farm walk, took about 1.5 hour to 2 hours, inclusive of dining time. We hopped back onto the car and headed to the heart of Hakka Garden, which we did not spend much time there !

Hopped back onto the car and headed to Miaoli, Strawberry Dahu Wineland Resort  :D

Took many pictures with the fruits structure, so cute ! But very sad that the strawberries are not in season at the time of our visit !

Tiny bits of strawberry growing ... haha

Well we then went into their strawberry cafe ~

After buying some strawberry souvenirs (they had a big gift shop over there which sells anything from soft toys to strawberry wine) , we hopped on to our next and last destination for the day - Schokolate Chocolate Factory (actually its a big mansion with a quaint garden) 

Swan in their pond outside !

Its not a small compound, and there were like 2 cafes inside this place ! 

Went into the Chocolate House and what else to do but to make our own chocolates ~ hehe

Actually is they already make for you, you just pour it yourself and decorate !! 

We just took the smallest and easiest set, just for tries . haha

Happy but tired with my DIY Chocolates !

You could stay here if you wanted ! Its called Schokolake Country House.

We headed to our hotel of the night, which was King's Resort and Spa !

Found out about this place on the web, although it is a bit far from the centre of Miaoli (half hour drive) but they had an outdoor spa area and private hot spring room ! And the water is simply AMAZING - so smooth and soft ! Makes your skin like baby skin, haha, no kidding. I will never go to Beitou hot springs againnnnn.... (got a nasty sulfur burn scar there)

View of a portion of the outdoor pools at night 

Follow my trip ! 

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