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Bali Proposal : Sharing my Proposal story @ AYANA RESORT BALI Blog (I said Yes!! ^^)

Hello friends !

This post has been so so so long overdue but life gets so busy much nowadays thats it's quite hard to keep track ! Esp with me moving to HK and settling in etc..

In this post, I'll like to share our proposal diary :) hopefully it can share some experiences and tips for you guys planning to propose ... 

As well as for our own memories, Though one year plus ago already haha ... (May 2015)

So during the time we have been together throughout the past 5 years, I did mention to him that I don't want a big public proposal or he doing some funny lame stuff etc .. I just want a private and really memorable one.. As how i like my experiences to be so.. he quickly came out with a plan .. 

Back when we were planning for the Bali trip (May 2015) , (btw our anniversary month was in May 2015, we have been together for 5 years !!) ...Chee has been 'secretly' planning for this dream proposal at this beautiful resort that we would stay at - AYANA RESORT BALI .. I chose to stay at AYANA resort because I saw it on some travel magazine ... I got some gut feeling that he would propose here, so I kept teasing and asking him , but he tried his best to hide from me... but still can't hide much cos he is so bad at hiding stuff haha..

I swear this beach resort is out of this world beautiful ... When we arrived here, it just took our breath away ! The staff here, everyone we met was so friendly , helpful and even called us by name the next day and recognize / congratulate us ... BEAUTIFUL TO THE MAX <3
Anyways lets get started !

Chee started to research on the various venues where the proposal can be held at.
AYANA Resort is quite popular with weddings and romantic events , so there are various venues to choose from.

For you guys who are planning , this is the link to go to : ..

Very important to check on the availability of the venues once you have a date because they really do get booked out way in advance. Chee told me that the date he wanted initially was booked but he managed to persuade the other party to give him the slot of the other day that we would still be staying here..., and also the manager in charge was super friendly and helpful ! Lucky him, or else no proposal :P

Chee then confirmed the date and venue with a deposit (I'm not sure how much) then also told them about the "PLAN" to bring me there secretly, and also about the venue decoration.. The staff were all super cooperative ! Lol ..


On that day , we were travelling down from Ubud to Jimbaran , where AYANA Resort is at . You all know the trip from Ubud to the beachfront area is not a very pleasant one, in fact quite bumpy and small roads , plus it was a really hot day so i got some motion sickness and very tired because we were up early in the morning hiking in Campughan Ridge Walk.
The whole car ride took about 1.5hours !

AYANA resort is situated at the cliff edge of the island , occupying a huge area. When we finally reached the main resort lobby, we were greeted by an Balinese welcome dance and drink, and definitely indeed blown away by the seaview ! Oh man I can't wait to go back again haha ...

BTW show you all some pics of Ayana Resort (Which I will blog up soon)

Anyway back to the story.....

So I was led to the counter for check in , we had a special check in counter for club rooms (which I will talk about seperately , and thus proceeded to check in by an attentive staff .


After my check in procedure is done, the staff told us that we were very lucky as we were ONE OF THE COUPLES selected for their "monthly LUCKY DRAW" , and the prize was a 2 hours photoshoot by a renowned photographer (AXIOO) ...if i remembered correctly ! And followed by telling me all the selected couples would have to gather and "audition" at the poolside at 6pm later ..... <<PRE-ARRANGED>>

The staff even showed me a brochure printout of the lucky draw showing samples of the photoshoot done by AXIOO and the lucky draw promo... I remembered very clearly saying to the staff, WE SO LUCKY AH ...??!

And then told the staff we will be staying for 2 nights in the resort and whether the photoshoot can be on either days?? The staff said OK for either of the days ...
<<< I was already damm tired and we walked back to the room to rest , it was already 5pm>>>>

Then I wanted to go for a swim and preparing my swimming stuff , remembered telling Chee that "Aiya, let other people win lah, I not in the mood to audition today... " and "we can come back next time to Bali to take prewedding shoots ma??" ... but he kept persuading me to go .. It's already 5.30pm .. I'm just not in the mood to dress up, smile and look pretty when i'm damm tired ok :x

Then a phone call came . It was a staff telling me that "WE WON THE CONTEST AND MUST GO PHOTOSHOOT NOW , WEARING OUR BEST OUTFIT NOW BECAUSE THE PHOTOGRAPHER IS WAITING" In my mind is like WHUTT ??!! 

I thought need audition or what ?!! Then i said over the phone to the staff , "It's ok lah, can give to other couples, we will do photoshoot next time ...:) " because taking photos need good mood right? HAHA ...
Then the staff kept persuading me to go saying this opportunity hard to come by and we are very lucky etc ... I just tell him I'm very tired and ask him to give the prize to other people .. Then I hung up the phone .. Then Chee started panicking .. I knew something was abnormal lah ! >.<

He kept persuading me to go down and have some photoshoots for memories purpose and insist that we wear our best dress ( TBH I only packed one dress for Bali lol ..) , then his face is like scared. And panicky. I even shouted at him when I was doing my makeup .. Quite irritated lol (sorry I don't like to be rushed)... Like getting ready in 10mins havent even bathe?!! Urgh, Then very soon we were downstairs .. I was quite pissed to be rushed...
Once i reached downstairs, I confirmed this is it .. A staff member escorted me from my lobby all the way walking to some corner where I was greeted with this secret garden hideout:

I was quite surprised to see Kenneth ! Our photographer friend : FreshFromKenneth (who flew from SG just to photograph our event) thankyou :)) and Kenneth brought all the props (including the lighted words and the pictures etc) all the way from SG and helped to set up :P

I'll let the pics do the rest for a while now ! Thanks God for perfect weather that day ^^

Pictures by: FFK 

The team did such a great job decorating this place !
All props (words and photos) brought over by FFK, purchased by Chee. Photos strings prepared by Chee beforehand, really thumbs up for effort, it was really beautiful :')

 Effort given for digging out, printing all the photos of these 6 years and sticking them together :P

Them leading me to the place to have the "photoshoot" -.-

Sorry about my weird expression, didn't really know how to react .. Btw this guy was our Butler for the night and he was fabulous !

We just knew we are for each other, being best friends, soulmates and lovers all these time, through these years, through ups and downs in life, you are always there for me. this never changed. I am assured of your stability, consistent unending love in all things you do for me.  Couldn't say no :)

I swear the sunset glow wasn't edited , it looked this fabulous .. Super romantic :P

It was all very beautiful and quite surreal , I would say this was the perfect proposal , perfect weather, people, setting, atmosphere... blown away :) 

Oh before our dinner commenced, we did go out of the Secret garden to take some pictures outside before Kenneth left. He reached Bali in the morning and he left Ayana heading for the airport immediately after (night flight) ! Really thanks a lot for being here ! :D

It was all very very very beautifully decorated :) really effort given ! LOL

5) Being pampered by my loved one <3

1) the view that evening was FANTABULOUS !!!! It was a completely clear day with the gleaming sea in front of us and being bathed in the warm sunset glow, (if you know how much I love sunsets) was really out of this world now that I think about it , haha ! 
God blessed ! The decoration by the staff of fresh rose petals just made everything smelt so amazing, the light sea salty breeze and sound of waves crashing in the rocks below, birds chirping .. IT WAS PERFECT !

2) We had a personal Butler for that whole night and he was amazing ! (I forgot his name now but i wrote feedback when we just checked out from Ayana Resort). He was so delicate and attended to our every need/want, speaks great English and even told us jokes ! Super friendly ! Most amazing dining experience ever :D

3) Throughout our dinner, we were constantly entertained , LOL . It was a course dinner with fantastic food, made by our private chef that evening cooking at the corner .. 

I'll put the food in order below :)



The first performance was a traditional Balinese dance just for us by several Balinese ladies all dressed up ! and LIVE MUSIC WITH TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENTS ! You can see below, it was awesome ! Their costume was so elaborate and make up so detailed, for us only :P 

Secondly , a duo of guys with guitar came . 
They asked me to pick a any love song and they will sing anything , at the point of time I couldn't think of any so I asked Chee to decide instead. 

He picked 2 songs and I picked 1. They were all great ! Super nice :) after the event then I knew that the 2 songs was pre-arranged -.- hahaha

The course meal ! I forgot how many courses , forgot the proper names but I was really really filled up at the end. Everything tasted exquisite and well prepared ! The portions are not that small too, its very delicious :)

Starter: salmon with caviar 

Tomato soup

Another fish starter, this should be tuna

Some sort of fish with risotto, yumms

I think it was cod, its good anyways haha

 Steak !!!! Steak with mash :) I remember it was so tender, perfect!

this was a fantastic lava cake , love !!!

And yup, I SAID YES !! :P (been together almost 6 years at that point) .. I know he just wanna "chope" me first . LOLOLL... Anyway I wouldn't find another man as deserving as you :P Thank you for everything you do for me and my family especially loving and serving my family as much as you love me ;') Thanks God ! 

Being able to be with you is a blessing for both of us <3 I don't think I can have a better husband than you .. and of course you won't find a wife as good as me :P
Thanks for always wanting to give me the best :D you are the best !! this is indeed a very memorable day !


Sorry for the lengthy post hee hee :D