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Taiwan Blog 2013: Day 1 in Taipei (Taipei - Ximending) Caesar Park Taipei

Hi everyone !! I've decided to blog about my trips to keep track of where I've been :))) Since I decided to start blogging again.. hehe...

 This was my longest overseas trip (at the point of time back in 2013) with my family and T !! My parents have been to TW before but this was first time for my brother , T and myself 

Below is a snapshot of my hotel planning , I used excel to plan for all the itinerary and whatnots. 

So total is 12 D 11 N (FREE AND EASY) which I almost single-handedly planned for 6 adult pax from 20 Nov to 1 Dec '13 !

So in this 11 nights we stayed at 7 different hotels ! I always trust to use because its an all in price ! unlike agoda...

Okay let's start !

Day 1

Reached Taipei in the afternoon with the SQ flight . My mum wanted to try the high speed rail, so we took a bus from the airport terminal to the HSR terminal. The HSR is not connected to the airport. Its a distance away, about 15 min bus ride ! And must buy a ticket for the bus also..  Apparently there is direct buses from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei City and various destinations.. you can see at the ticket terminal :)

So we took a green bus like this:

Reached the Taoyuan HSR terminal and got ourselves a HSR ticket to Taipei which takes 30 mins !

Headed to our hotel at the Caesar Park Hotel Taipei, which is at across Taipei Main Station. Underground Exit 6 ! Super convenient, the walkway to the hotel lift have restaurants and shops !

This is our view from the hotel room , apparently it faces directly the outer facade of Taipei train station ! always can see a lot of people waiting for buses at their bus stops ..

Rest a while at the hotel, then we took a short subway ride to Xi Men Ding !! Its crowded !!

When we saw this Xiang Xiang Chicken , T and my brother was sooo happy because they say its famous (online) so we tried ! We had this like 5 X in TW , very sian alr, lol..

Found the Modern Toilet Restaurant but we didn't eat here . Pretty cute to try though !! Address:  Ximending Modern Toilet restaurant : 2F, No 7, Lane 50, Xi-Ning South Road, Taipei Taiwan.

But Ah Zhong Mee Sua XMD cannot don't try !!! Its really shiokkk in the cool weather ! Long queue but the queue moves really fast and the mee sua is fab, afforadable, filling and super consistent quality :D I think this is main branch.
Address: No. 8-1, Éméi St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 臺灣臺北市萬華區峨眉街8-1

Headed back to hotel for a goodnight sleep ! (super convenient this hotel)

Follow my trip ! 

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