Sunday, 25 January 2015

Taiwan Blog 2013: Taking train from Taipei HSR to Taichung City Centre - CityInn Taichung - Fengjia Night Market

So we started off our morning heading towards the Taichung HSR Station !

Casear Palace Hotel Taipei is just sooo convenient for travelling, we were connected underpasses all the way to the Taipei station :)

Reaching Taichung HSR Station !

Taichung HSR station has a very artsy feel to it and it definitely felt more relaxing as compared to Taipei.

The famous Carton King Shop and Restaurant inside the station !

Well, seeing it for the first time , its inspiring and really creative ! Wonder how they manage to make the cardboard so steady lol :D

After photo taking, we were on our way to take the local train to our hotel station. We are staying at : CityInn Hotel Plus Taichung Station Branch for the night ! Its a quaint boutique hotel with themed rooms ^^

At the Taichung Railway Station

Checked into City Inn, which is about 5 mins walk from the station !

I super LOVE this laundry service, its free !!!!!!! Dryer and washer!

Still early and we couldnt check in, so left luggage and walked around the area

We walked to this shopping mall nearby, MODE mall 

We tried this bubble tea ! some say this is the best bubble tea in taiwan ! haha

Went back to the hotel and checked into our themed room :D So cute !!!

We rested in the hotel for a few hours and got taxi to fetch us to Fengjia night market ! 
A true foodies market, food and more food !

Try this asari clams, its SUPER GOOD

zomg scallops :D

penis waffles !!!

UFO Catcher, AGAIN

Headed back to hotel to do laundry and a goodnight rest for a busy day tomorrow !

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