Saturday, 24 January 2015

Taiwan Blog 2013 : Day 4 in Taipei (Xinbeitou - Tamsui)

Day 4:

We are staying at Shui Du (Spa Spring Resort) Xin Bei Tou tonight !

Started our travelling to xinbeitou (about 30min from Taipei City Centre)

They have this very cute hot spring theme train :D 
the thing in front of us is a "tub" with a screen showing beitou attractions

For those staying at Spa Spring Resort , there is free transport from Xinbeitou Train Station ! Just exit from the station and walk towards the buses stand .. the car will come pick up every half hour (IIRC)

Arrival at the Resort! This is at a corner beside the entrance, where you can cook hot spring eggs using the hot spring water !

So we checked in and took some photos outside the resort. The rooms are quite comfortable size and there is a big tub in the toilet ! Actually the reason why we chose Spa Spring is because they have a outdoor spa area with a few pools of varying tempatures ! Most hotels in XBT only offers the tub with hot spring in the individual room toilets ... 

Stepped out into our hotel surroundings :)

Walked across the road and up a small hill to this apparently famous ramen place!

So we queued for about 20mins to give it a try !

After lunch we headed walking towards the Xin Bei Tou station ... and passed by these sights along the way 

A public hot spring for day guests!

Bei Tou Hot Spring Museum

Pretty Beitou library !

Nearing the station

We took the train from Bei Tou to Tam Sui !

Arrived at Tam Sui Station !


Tamsui market is really happening !!! So we started our food / shopping adventure with the crowd ...

the sunset is amazinggggg

They had many entertaining street games and we played and won those balloon toys hehehe it was fun :D

The sky didnt turn dark for a long time ...

The food in Tamsui night market is AMAZING !! the seafood is so fresh and everything was hot and yummy + the scenery, fantastic . my favourite night market in my taiwan trip !!

We headed back to our hotel and went for outdoor hot spring at night !

Follow my trip ! 

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