Thursday, 22 January 2015

Taiwan Blog 2013 : Day 2 in Taipei (National Palace Museum - Wu Fen Pu - Taipei 101)

Day 2 :

Started out with a morning breakfast at MOS burger , just downstairs of our hotel ! Sooo convenient :D

Walked on to the Taipei train station to take the train to National Palace Museum (臺北故宮), where we are headed to today !

Bought the train tickets which are plastic coins 

Directions to get there : Take the MRT Danshui Line to the Shilin Station and take bus R30 (Red 30 - Low-floor bus) to the National Palace Museum. Other routes that will take you to and near the Museum plaza are buses 255, 304, 815 (Sanchung – NPM Line), Minibus 18 and Minibus 19

Scenery along the way .

Alight at Shilin station and you will see this !

Outside the streets of Shilin Station

On the bus transfer

Finally arrived ! So majestic !

Bought tickets ! There is always a crowd here and they have crowd control like a ticker showing how many people are inside the place at the moment.. always about 1k + . Apparently not supposed to take any pictures inside .. they will scold you if they see you taking ! So i didnt take .. 

There is one section which is very interesting and high tech ! Firstly you stand in one of the stations to scan your face , then they will project your facial features onto the moving cartoons featured in ancient times setting ! They screen it on many TV screens which combine to make a big screen. 
Super cute ! :D

We toured the museum for about 4-5 hours ! The problem with the museum is that there is nothing much to eat there, and also theres nothing to eat nearby ! So we took the bus back to near Shilin Station for lunch . 

We had lunch at a lovely cafe just steps away from Shilin Station :) 

You can find this beary cafe right outside the station too ! We didn't try this ..

After that, my mum & I went off to Tapiei 101 for a dinner with one of the business associate in TW while my dad, brother and T went to visit Wu Fen Pu !

Directions to Wu Fen Pu:  It's close to MRT Houshanpi Station. You have to switch train station at Taipei Main Station to blue line . 
You can take a MRT train to Houshanpi Station. You can leave the station by Exit 1 (Wufenpu Commercial Zone) and walk north along Jhongpo N. Rd. to the intersection of Jhongpo N. Rd. and Yongji Rd.. Wufenpu is on the left and front.

Their feedback : Wu Fen Pu got nothing much (during winter) for us to buy cus all is winter clothing  (or issit because they are guys?).... at least they bought smth for me though, but the sweaters are super thick and bulky although its quite cheap ! But its not suitable for Singapore weather so not much use ... I've heard friends who visited during summer / end of summer and the clothes are damm shiok & cheap ! Cus end of summer they will be clearing stock ... 

After Wu Fen Pu, they took the train to Taipei 101, which is at Taipei City Hall station ! Only 2 stops from Hou Shan Pi station .

Directions to Taipei 101: 
Either: the Blue Line , Alight at Taipei City Hall Station, take about 10min walk 
Or: Take Red line to Taipei 101 station, Exit No 4

So they bought the tickets up to the observatory !

Inside the lift...

89 floor ! Stunning night taipei skyline ! 

For us , after dinner , the Taiwan friend took mum and I to 新光三越SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI for shopping ahhhhhh its so huge and they are a few buildings separate from each other ! Its actually japanese departmental malls like takashimaya / isetan. Mitsukoshi is from JP :)

Met up back with the family about 10 plus and headed for some snacks and took the train back to our hotel !

Follow my trip ! 

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