Friday, 30 January 2015

Taiwan Blog 2013 : Day 10 & 11 : Travelling from Miaoli back to Taipei, Shilin Night Market , back to SG

Day 10: Shilin Night Market

Nearing the end of our trip !

We are travelling from King's Resort Miaoli back to Taipei today 

Here are some pictures taken outside of the Hotel !

We checked into our last and final hotel of the trip , 

Recap of our hotel stays during this trip !

So we stayed the 2 final nights at Royal Inn Taipei !!!

I remember the buffet was fantastic ! very nice and japanese style, its a jap style business hotel emcompassing a few floors of a building , its not a standalone hotel ! 

but the location was very convenient ! Just beside Zhongshan Station ! and the rooms are comfortable and clean, but take note that the beds may be small !

We headed to Shilin Night Market for the night :)

Please just enjoy the food and sights in the pics below !

OO AH Jian - Oyster Omelette , shiok!!

We did a lot of prawn fishing too :x

These prawns will be BBQ live after being caught ... its quite a fun experience heheheh

Queuing for the godly cheese potato 0.0

If you dont eat anything else, PLEASE TRY THIS !!!

Bought a cute jacket too hehe really cheap :D

Day 11 : 
We had an early flight, so we checked out after the awesome buffet breakfast, then headed to airport ....... buying so many SUN BISCUITS .. omg ... 

We had an awesome trip to Taiwan with my family :))

Follow my trip ! 

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