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Taiwan Blog 2013 : Day 8 - in Nantou County - Ching Jing Highlands ! - Cing Jing Farm - Little Swiss Garden - Old England - Aowanda National Park - Puli City Hotel

Day 8
This is my planned itinerary for the day !!!

清境家園景觀山莊出發>> 武嶺,合歡山>>清境 青青草原/綿羊秀(假日才有)/馬術秀/觀山牧區>紙箱王/小瑞士花 >風車廣場>夜宿清境家園景觀山莊                                                                                         
                Cing Jing Homeland Resort Villa >> Wuling Mountain >> Hehuanshan Mountain >> Cingjing Farm / Horse Show / Little Farm (Sheep) >> Carton King/ Little Swiss Garden >> Windmill Garden >> Back to Cing Jing Homeland Resort Villa          * but in the end we ended up in one of the Puli Hotels (down the hill)

Nothing better than waking up to the fresh air and sunshine of the highlands !

We endured one cold night .... and woke up to a wonderful morning !

As mentioned in the previous post, we ought to have visited Hehuanshan in the wee hours this morning, but the previous night our driver told us that Hehuanshan was snowing.. and the vehicle didn't have the proper wheels, so we decided not to risk it :)

The view from our Minsu !

A simple porridge breakfast 

Family dog :)

Headed out to our first stop, CingJing Farm !!!

Bought tickets to the evergreen grasslands !

Faced with this majestic view 

Plenty of wild sheep roaming around !

Llamas too !!! Oh my :d

400 steps to the downhill ! We walked the whole grasslands .... its a big area and could be real sunny ! please bring your shades, umbrellas etc !

Driver picked us up at the downhill and we headed to the centre of Cingjing to have lunch , the centre is where the Lavender Farm shop is !

Grabbed a scoop of lavender icecream so gooood

Aiya sian!! The backlight too bright. But anyway this Lavender Cottage has a fantastic view of the mountains !

 After lunch we headed to Old England with high tea in mind ....Old England is the most expensive hotel here in Cingjing . And you would have to book way in advance.... we couldn't get a room here even trying to book 6 months in advance !!!

Please note that this place ONLY ACCEPTS CASH !!! grr....

When coming to Ching Jing, Please bring lots and lots of cash if you wanna eat a lot / dine well ... because NONE of the hotels have money changer, which posed a huge problem for us as we didnt bring enough ... :( The nearest money changer (bank) is down the foot of the mountain in Puli town !!

Beautiful decor !!!!

So we wanted to have high tea but they only accepts cash ??!!!?!

Super dissapointed !!! So guys, remember to bring extra cash when you wanna dine here ! Because they don't accept card at alll ..... :(

Left feeling disappointed !!!

Our driver suggested we visit one national park in the valleys, since it was still early.. he kept telling us its a short 30min drive, but end up its about 1 hour drive through the winding valley roads, up up down down ! very headache, me and mum wasn't feeling very well... I forgot what's this park name ! because usually only locals visit this park ...

But i wont recommend to visit, because this is really very far and the roads are narrow and winding, feels uncomfortable ! 

Not our car lol

I suppose this place is AOWANDA NATIONAL PARK !!!

We quickly took some pics at that place and left the place, end up its like 2 hours to and fro in the car ! Feel uncomfortable, some more the day was turning dark , and my mum didnt' want to stay at the minsu for the night anymore (too cold) , so we collected our luggage and made our way down to the nearest township near CingJing, which is Puli !! 
Puli town is the town at the foot of Cingjing 

We stayed a hotel at Puli , which was really good and comfortable, even got bath tub and swimming pool..... so shiok :D hahaha.. A very good night sleep !

This is our car, driving dropping us outside our Puli Hotel :)

Had a good rest for our next day's adventure !

Follow my trip ! 

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