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Taiwan Blog 2013 : Day 7 in Nantou - Sun Moon Lake Hotel - Sun Moon Lake River Cruise - Shuishe , Xuan Guang , Ita Thao 伊達邵 - , 18C Chocolate , Ching Jing Homeland Resort Villa

This is my itinerary for the Day !!!!!

日月潭大飯店出發>>日月潭搭船遊湖 /阿婆茶 葉蛋/伊達邵老街>>埔里酒廠>>十八度巧克力工房/提供免費黑咖 /冷泡茶>老英格蘭(拍照)>>夜宿清境家園景觀山莊
                Sun Moon Lake Hotel >> Sun Moon Lake Cruise/ Ah Ma Famous 茶葉蛋 / 伊達邵老街 Old Street >> Puli Brewery >> 18 Degree Famous Chocolate (Free Black Coffee/Cold Tea) >> The Old England (Photo taking) >> Cing Jing Homeland Resort Villa

Greetings everyone !

Good Morning from Sun Moon Lake Hotel, Nantou County

This is the gorgeous misty view from our balcony 
Nothing better than waking up to cold fresh clean air !!!

Really lovely birds resting ! So cute !

Sneak Preview of the extremely LARGE rooms :

Super shiok bathtub with TV as featured

Tatami mat sitting area !

Walkway to Bathtub, is toilet bowl and shower...

Simple OOTD , going for our morning cycle - bikes are free to be rented at this hotel ! *thumbs up
Bike rental is just beside the breakfast buffet restaurant .
We decided to cycle around Sun Moon Lake in the morning before our breakfast :)

Mandatory tourist shot with the stone 

Pardon the just wake up no make up face !

SO TRANQUIL *.* just like a dream ! 
Clean fresh cool air , crystal clear waters , you could see the fish and grass below !

We cycled till the city area of SML :) but we did not complete one whole round !

We returned to the hotel to have our buffet breakfast :)
The buffet spread was fanatastic ! Very nice ...

Was picked up by our driver and he took us to the jetty to take the famous (mandatory) Sun Moon Lake Boat Ride ! The name of the pier is ShuiShe Pier. You could easily buy ferry tickets everywhere nearby ...

Map of the Sun Moon Lake - Re Yue Tan 

Actually the lake is not that big but the surrounding hills landscape and clear blue-green waters were sure pretty !

So the ferry will have 3 stops , including the one you boarded from .

We alighted at the first stop ! Its a mini island with temple on the hill ! The name of the first stop is Xuan Guang (Syuanguang). We didn't stay here for very long as it was pretty crowded !

This statue above is actually a living person . Look like a terracotta soldier haha

The first stop of the Sun Moon Lake Cruise is where people eat the famous herbal egg ! 
There's only one stall selling with a long queue so you won't miss it . Since you're there, try it ! 

We re-boarded the circuit ferry and alighted at the 2nd stop for us -  Ita Thao  伊達邵
 , where the ropeway (cable car) is located  , there are plenty of old streets here ! From the jetty to the ropeway by walking is about 10 mins.. 

Exploring the old streets ! Lots of handicraft items by the aboriginal people and unique foods .
My dad and brother went for the ropeway ride while mum and us went shopping on the old streets ! We bought the wooden and handicraft items ^^ 

According to them, the ropeway ride was really worth it and had amazing views of the lake (provided it was a clear day), best to take in the afternoon !

Some pics of the ropeway here !

while we shopped on the streets....

My mum went to try the gua gua le - scratch and win, for fun ! haha...

We walked around and explored till we found a very beautiful wooden architecture , LEALEA Garden Hotel Ita Thao !

Went inside to have a look ^^

Structure is made entirely of wood ! And apparently they have lots of pictures of celebritites on their walls, many famous people visited this place !

So we dedicied to have our lunch in this place, Chinese restaurant downstairs and we were so lucky to get a lake view w/o reservation :D

After that, we boarded our ferry and returned to the pier where we started and our driver was waiting for us ! fantastic driver haha :)

So we headed to our next destination , we went to an artistic park near SML , and we were here for about an hour, there's a bee shop selling honey right opposite it, and we bought the honey ! its quite nice :)

After that , the driver brought us to the 18C Chocolate shop ! they have free coffee served so you could taste it together with the chocolate ! yumms

We were going to stay at CingJing Farmland Resort for the night and it was right on top of the Ching Jing Grasslands . So we began our ascent of the hilly roads about mid afternoon ! 

Driver suggested dinner at the minsu restaurant, which was on the road up .. 
Many local delicacies were served here and the view was stunning .

This is the actual view. no filters no flash, misty purple hazy in the mountains. AWED

The road up was very long and it got dark very quickly ! I would advise not to ascend or descend when its dark because you can't see where you're going and the road is quite steep ! Thus it was quite a scary ride to the villa when the sun went down.. somemore the villa is at the back of the main Ching Jing Area (which is at Old England there)..

I booked the minsu (CingJing Homeland Resort Villa) through booking.com and apparently it has good reviews ! Its tough to choose minsu because they all seem the same ! I think the problem is the weather was too cold at night (about 3 degrees) and the clothes we brought was for taipei weather ..... 
Worst thing is , the room did not have heater !! Yes the owners of the minsu was very helpful and the dog was lovely and all.. but when we checked into the room, no heater... that's the biggest problem ! Because its really so cold in the night ! But they have heated blankets.. however its not really warm enough... even turning on the running water to wash hands also damm cold.. freezing ! 

Couldn't forget because its not very happy experience especially for my mum who couldn't stand the cold. Heated blanket wasn't very comfortable either because when the air is so cold, the blanket is so 'hot, you'll feel very weird. So we just wiped ourselves, put on layers of clothes, didn't bathe and hid into bed ... 

actually we didn't expect the weather to be like below 5 degrees (about 3C-5C), while our clothes are packed for 15-20 degrees.. even the driver told us that hehuanshan suddenly snowing, because the hehuanshan was part of our itinerary the next day and we couldn't go as the driver say it was quite dangerous and needed the car wheels to be fixed with chains to be able to ascend to hehuanshan.. so we decided to give hehuanshan a miss totally ..

Im sure this place would be lovely to stay in during summer or autumn though ...

Follow my trip ! 

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